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CsR ACtivities

We at Lotus are concerned about the environment around us and we would like to ensure that we leave the world a better place for our children to live in.

Towards this end we make our small contributions by way of running our business in a responsible and sustainable manner, reducing waste and wherever possible and feasible, doing recycling.


We create and maintain a healthy and conducive work atmosphere where our employees are comfortable and where our customers and suppliers feel welcomed. We engage proactively and pleasantly with all our stakeholders and we strive to perform with transparency and honesty in all our dealings.


We give back to the community at large also and have taken several specific initiatives, some of which are mentioned below:


We make conscious efforts in our business activities to save resources and energy, reducing waste and promoting recycling. We also strive to maintain a healthy work environment.


We abide by applicable environment-related laws and regulations, while responding to other social demands with which our organization agrees.


We inculcate environmental ethos among our employees and provide necessary education to them to become responsible citizens.


We aim to become a company that is open to the community and society and we publicize this environmental policy inside and outside the company.


We have donated to a number of charities, some of which are Singapore Cancer Society, Singapore Red Cross Society, Disabled Peoples’ Association, SingHealth Fund, Society for the Aged Sick, The Community Foundation of Singapore and numerous others.

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