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Coking Coal

Lotus sources coal directly from leading global mine-owners which is

then supplied to end users in the steelmaking industry and to coke ovens etc.​

We supply hard coking coal with low or medium volatile matter and with

low Sulphur. Our range of coking coals also includes semi-hard and soft coking

coals used for making the best quality metallurgical coke as an

intermediate product for steel.

Lotus counts among its customers the largest steel companies in India, as well

as medium size units in the steel sector.


Thermal Coal

Lotus sources quality thermal coal from reliable miners located in

Australia, Indonesia, and the African continent to meet the needs of the

end-users. We source and supply a wide variety of grades ranging from 3000

to 7000 NAR.



Iron Ore being an important intermediate product (along with coking

coal for steel production), Lotus has leveraged its network to secure

supply from Indian miners and is developing a market in China for exports

of iron ore.


This is another product which is essential to the steel making process and

large quantity of this raw material is imported into India.  Lotus is developing

a reliable supply source in the Middle-east for regular supplies of this product

to Indian steelmakers.


Lotus is actively looking to import into India high and medium grade

manganese ore to be used in steel production process.  Apart from this,

the company is also diversifying into agro-products, primarily rice, for exports

from India.  Met coke is also another product which is subjected to the

same exacting standards of performance and quality which Lotus is

committed to deliver and which the customer has the right to expect.

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